GMYS has three orchestras with room for young musicians of all ability levels from beginner through high school.

Placement in each orchestra is by audition. To arrange an audition contact the Executive Director.


All orchestras rehearse once a week on Saturdays during the school year and perform several times during the year. Check the calendar page for upcoming rehearsal and performance details.

Special Statement for Spring 2022 Semester: For safety reasons, we will have two strings-only orchestras equivalent to the Concert Orchestra and Senior Orchestras described below and rehearsal times will be slightly shorter. We look forward to welcoming back the Repertory Orchestra along with our winds and percussion musicians when we can do so safely.

On hiatus for Spring 2022 semester


Repertory Orchestra ...

Introduces novice musicians to ensemble playing. Participants include beginning string and wind players who have been playing their instruments for as little as one year and are as young as six years old. Conductor Paul Perley teaches them to listen to each other, play together rhythmically, and play in tune. His goal is to prepare them to join the intermediate Concert Orchestra by imparting a basic knowledge of orchestral terms and an understanding of how to follow a conductor. Repertory Orchestra rehearses for 1 hour on Saturday mornings.


Concert Orchestra ...

Is a full orchestra for intermediate students of all orchestral instruments, and is conducted by Artistic Director Robert Blais. This orchestra performs original concert repertoire aimed at the middle school to high school level, or arrangements of established concert pieces that are accessible to non-professional, or student, musicians. Members of the Concert Orchestra still require assistance to learn their parts, and Blais works with them to help them gain the musical tools they will need to advance to the next level of playing, such as sight-reading, tuning, rhythm, and effective practice skills. Concert Orchestra rehearses for 1 3/4 hours on Saturday mornings.


Senior Orchestra ...

Is our most advanced young musicians who have demonstrated through auditions the ability to learn difficult music. The Senior Orchestra plays professional level concert literature, such as Dvorak’s New World Symphony and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 2, and performs a full concert program at the end of each semester, as well as at major community venues and events. Blais approaches Senior Orchestra members as professional musicians and imparts an understanding of what it is like to play with a professional orchestra. Members exercise greater autonomy as musicians and are responsible for learning their parts on their own. In rehearsals, they work on artistry, ensemble playing, and creating a beautiful sound. This group sometimes includes adult community members to fill out certain sections. Senior Orchestra rehearses for 3 hours on Saturdays.