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Creative Arts & Music Program (C.A.M.P.)

GMYS has held a residency week at Northern Vermont University-Johnson since 2006. It has become an integral part of our program for our intermediate to advanced musicians and many of them tell us it’s the highlight of their musical year!

Intermediate - Advanced student musicians of all orchestral instruments are invited to apply.

Acceptance is by audition only.


Email the Executive Director to set up an audition or for more information.


C.A.M.P. 2020 was cancelled because of COVID-19 and it's still not safe to plan for 2021.  We hope C.A.M.P. will return in 2022!

C.A.M.P. 2020 Details

Sunday, August 9th -- Saturday, August 15th at Northern Vermont University - Johnson.

Tuition is $1,575 (or $1,350 for early registration by March 7). Tuition includes meals, lodging, 36-40 hours of musical instruction, use of campus facilities, and recreational activities.


Need-based tuition assistance is available and information is part of the GMYS CAMP application.

Students must audition in order to be accepted into the GMYS Creative Arts & Music Program. Intermediate and advanced students of all orchestral instruments are invited to audition with a polished piece, a scale, and should expect to sight-read.


Email the Executive Director to apply and schedule an audition, or for more information.



  • Chamber music

  • Private instruction

  • Orchestra Rehearsals

  • Eurhythmics classes

  • Elective classes

  • Informal Performances on campus

  • Final concert for family & friends



  • Swimming

  • Hiking

  • Games

  • Movies

  • Variety show

  • Faculty recital

  • Free time to get to know other young musicians

What to Expect

During the week student musicians work with professional music coaches in chamber groups, private lessons, Eurhythmics classes, and orchestra rehearsals. CAMPers may choose to participate in a variety of elective offerings. Informal performances for the campus community are a great chance to prepare for the final concert for family and friends on Saturday.

A typical day includes: 1 hour of Eurhythmics class, 1 hour of individual practice time, 2 hours of full orchestra, and 2 hours of coached chamber group rehearsal. Each student also has a 1-hour private lesson scheduled during the week. Electives are 1-hour sessions offered daily. Past topics have included yoga, improvisational theater, physics of music, engineering fun, painting, and conducting. Most evenings include a group activity: a faculty recital, swimming, movie night, and the variety show, just to name a few. Between scheduled activities, we have free time for just having fun with each other!

CAMPers and staff reside at NVU-Johnson in beautiful Johnson, Vermont. CAMPers share rooms in one of the central residence halls, which include shared bathrooms and common spaces on each floor.


The small campus provides easy access to its excellent facilities including: rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, Dibden Center for the Arts, cafeteria, recreation areas, swimming pool, and social activity spaces. The surrounding area is ideally suited to outdoor activities like picnics, hikes, and games.

CAMP 2020
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