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GMYS | Support us


Your generosity powers the magic of music at Green Mountain Youth Symphony (GMYS)! We count on the unwavering support from donors and volunteers like you to keep the rhythm alive.


Our mission is simple: to deliver top-notch musical instruction and foster a nurturing environment for our budding musicians. Every note played, every melody created, and every stage conquered is made possible through your contributions.

But, we need your help. Your support ensures we can continue to offer our exceptional musical programs, free from barriers. With your generosity, every passionate young musician, regardless of their circumstances, gets the opportunity to tap into their creativity, hone their talents, and excel in their musical journey.

Support the dreams and aspirations of our talented young musicians. Your donation can create a symphony of change and fuel the future of music.

Donate to GMYS today.

Online Donation
Donation by Mail

Green Mountain Youth Symphony

PO Box 384

Montpelier, VT 05601-0384

I can definitely say it was one of the best assemblies I’ve been to, ever."
GMYS augmented my school's music curriculum and lessons, by connecting me to other musicians I felt like part of Vermont's music community"
I still remember playing 'Pirates of the Caribbean' in the same concert as Dvorak's New World Symphony... I still smile when I hear them"
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